Skin. Science tells us that the skin is the body’s biggest organ. Puberty, on the other hand, tells us that skin may or may not be your worst enemy in your teens.

I had acne. It almost makes me feel scared to write down HAD, for fear that the Acne Gods might hear and make a cameo again on my face.

My acne story, I guess, is pretty standard. When I was in Highschool, my skin was pretty solid. I got the occasional blemish that appeared when you least hoped it would. You know, the pimple that appears a couple of days before your interaction with the neighboring all boys school (yes, I went to a Catholic all girls school complete with the uniform and mary janes), the zit that you desperately try to medicate the week before prom, that whitehead/blackhead you shouldn’t have popped but couldn’t resist that took its revenge and grew to monstrous proportions before your first date. We’ve all been there. We’ve survived. College was a lot more challenging. I don’t know if it was my first break up or the copious amounts of alcohol and cigarettes I took in to soothe said break up that made my skin go haywire. It took numerous visits to my dermatologist, ticking laser sessions on my face and the ever depressing amount of medication I had to put on my face to calm my skin back down, but by the end of college, I had emerged victorious and quite literally scar free.

Law school, on the other hand, was my least skintastic moment. It seemed to grow worse every year that passed, like it was following my law school career. Like, oh you finished freshman year? Here’s one pimple. Oh, third year? Here’s a gabillion zits to celebrate your passing of your Succession and Wills class! With my constant stressing over exams and recitations and cases, I felt that one of the only few things I could control was my makeup. I would pile on cream foundation to cover up my bumps, which, let’s be real, probably wasn’t the smartest of choices. I spent a good portion of my allowance those years on facials and acne treatments, hoping to finally prick out all the nasties from my face. Did. Not. Help.

Fast forward to a law degree, 3 failed bar exams, a year of floating around not knowing what to do then deciding to finally pursue Makeup school, my skin is at the point that I feel that I don’t need to wear much makeup anymore. Granted, I will probably never break away from makeup and go all naked skinned glory (I am a makeup artist, after all) but I can finally practice a 5 minute minimal makeup routine, without wanting to throw my arms up in frustration. I still have my battle scars, parts of my skin which haven’t fully recovered from all the stupid things I’ve done and put on my face. But hey, we live and we learn, right? Over all, I am pretty happy with my skin right now. Hopefully, I don’t jinx it by writing this post. Haha.

How about you? What’s your skin story? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Love, Skin and other Drugs.

  1. Yep. That post-breakup skin I know all too well too—cystic acne that seemed to pop out of nowhere! Thanks to Clinique Anti-blemish range, the bumps slowly disappeared leaving however, acne marks that are really hard to get rid of since I’m not a fan of derma visits. Some products that helped? Clarins White Plus and Laneige White Plus range, Kiehl’s rare earth toner and pore cleansing masque, Kose sekkisei medicated lotion, and OST C20 Serum are some of the notable ones. Quick question though, what’s the best foundation for combination oily skin with medium to full coverage? 😊


    1. Aaaah the post break up skin. If only it was as awesome as the post break up weightloss! HAHA :)) I’m planning to do a post on what products saved my skin! They’re mostly all natural products, would you believe?! Like, legit food items! :))

      My favorite foundations for combi/oily skin would be Revlon Whipped Foundation (it wont look great the first application, but after an hour or 2, looks amazing on skin!), Nars Sheer Glow (don’t be scared of the word glow, its not soooo glowy), Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint (high SPF is a plus), Loreal Infallible Pro-matte and Mac Studio Fix (although this one is on the heavier, more full coverage side) 🙂

      Let me know what you get! 🙂


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